Staff Application

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So you want to be staff?
Please Follow The Directions Below To Apply.

- Minimum age of 14 to apply.
- Must have been active on server for at least two weeks.
- Must be active within the community - active on server and preferably forums & Discord.
- Must not have any recent (1 month) bans on record unless it was a misunderstanding which the staff member in question can confirm.
- Must have a valid Discord account and must have joined our Discord server.
- Must have extensive knowledge of the rules to an extent to where they can enforce them with confidence.
- Your application should be professional, and free of any spelling or grammar errors.
- Please ensure you put more than just two sentences into your application. That being said, a paragraph or so would be a sufficient example of detail we look for.

To Begin your Application please Fill out the Forums below and then create a forum post with the following questions and answer them.

Click Here for the Questionnaire

Forum Post Questions

What is your in game name?

When did you join the server?

Are you in a gang on the server?

Are you a Premium member?

What is one thing you enjoy about the server?

What is one thing you dislike about the server?

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Not open for further replies.